BJC 2022 Day TWO

The British Junior Championships continue in Sheffield today with the quarter and semi-finalists set to be decided in most of the older categories.

Action is again split across three venues – Abbeydale, Hallamshire and Fullwood with Abbeydale hosting the Boys U19 & U17 plus the Girls U19 last sixteens. Over at Hallamshire It’s the Boys’ younger age groups – plus a Nick Wall v Declan James exhibition match at 7pm – , with the Girls U11, U15 and U17 at Fulwood.

Once again you can keep up to date on the Draws page, watch the Glass Court at Abbeydale live, and we’ll be posting updates on our Twitter feed with Photos going into the Gallery and on Instagram and we’ll have a roundup at the end of the day.

Once things settle down for the quarters and semis on Day Three we’ll home in more on the key matches, and on Sunday all the finals will be on the Glass Court at Abbeydale.

BJC 2022 : Day Two Quick Overview

B19 : Last 16 from 14.20 Abbeydale.  B17 : Last 16 from 9.00, QF from 17.40 Abbeydale

G19 : R1 from 13.00, QF from 18.20 Abbeydale, G17 : QF from 16.20 Hallamshire

B15 : Last 16 from 10.30, QF from 15.00 Hallamshire, B13 : Last 16 from 9.00, QF from 12.30 Hallamshire

G15 : Last 16 from 10.30, QF from 13.30 Fulwood, G13 : Last 16 from 12.00 Fulwood

B11 : Last 16 from 12.30 Hallamshire, G11 : Last 16 from 15.30 Fulwood,  U9 Mixed starts Saturday


Photo Selection – lots more in the Gallery